About momstown Winnipeg

momstown.ca was founded in Burlington, Ontario as a grassroots community initiative to help local moms connect and support each other.  Odds are that when you were growing up your mom knew all of your neighbours. Your street was full of kids you knew and your mom invited the neighbourhood over to run through the sprinkler while the other moms had coffee and chatted. If a neighbour had a new baby, you were probably sent over with a hot casserole and the new mother would have been warmly welcomed into the folds of the other families. Although some social conventions have (sadly) changed, what hasn’t is the need to connect with other local mothers. It has always been said it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes a town. Who resides in the town we fondly call momstown? Well, it’s moms like you.

momstown provides this connection with a calender filled with over 30 events scheduled per month where moms can connect and get out of the house.  momstown events give moms the opportunity to connect with their children on a variety of levels - education, creative play, music and more.

However we also understand that even with the best of intentions moms can't always get out but still need to connect.  momstown stays true to their mandate to connect and support moms via their dynamic website inclusive of message boards, tips and tricks from mom bloggers, practical content, member discounts and monthly contests.

momstown understands that every mom has her own schedule and workload.  Working moms, expectant moms, mat leave moms and stay at home moms alike can benefit from the momstown offerings and events.  With weekday, evening and weekend events, there is something that can fit into even the most hectic of schedules