Sunday, July 17, 2011

Playdates Around Town

What a week it's been. momstown Winnipeg is in full gear now and we've had lots of events over the last two weeks. This is just the start! We've had playdates, met up at the park, visited the Manitoba Museum, had a breakfast date at Cora's and went to cheer on the babies at Four on the Floor baby crawling races at Kildonan Place Shopping Centre.

Here's a look around town.......

Park Playdate at St. Vital Park

New Member meetup at Cora's. 13 moms came on out!
Toddlers came on over to wash their cars!
Playdate for the 0 to 12 month babies.
momstown moms meeting up at the mall.

Cheering on the babies crawling at Four on the Floor races at KP Mall.

Proud daddy of the fastest baby in Winnipeg!

 Moms are flocking to momstown. Word is getting out and the group is growing by the minute. Want to come on out and play with us? We have a 4 week trial going on until July 20! You can check out the interactive message board and join in on the fun events going on during your trial. Register here.

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  1. What a fabulous job you've done Ester at getting the awareness up and out in Winnipeg of momstown - moms will continue to flock and grow your community. Well done!