Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stroller Fit Mamas

momstown Winnipeg moms got the opportunity to enjoy a free Stroller Fit class with Aileen from Fit 4 Two. I was nervous as I had never done one of these classes before and wasn't sure how my daughter and baby boy would do. I feared the tantrums and crying would stop me from working out.

The great thing about our class, not only was it fun and a great workout, it was very flexible. So if a baby was crying, you could stop and attend to him. Or if we had to run around to do a lap, Aileen would stand by and watch the strollers.

Our group of ladies really enjoyed the class. We worked up a sweat, had great conversations and laughs and even went to enjoy a nice cup of coffee at The Forks after class. It was a great event, and we burned some calories too, which is always a plus! We even chatted on our message board the next day about which body parts were hurting!

Here's Aileen, our instructor from Fit 4 Two. Check out how fit she is!
Our inspiration to get in shape.

The greatest thing I learned that day was how you really can work out anywhere. There is no excuse that we are stuck at home with the kids. You can incorporate them into your work out, and do some moves where ever you are. Even at the park! 

Thanks Aileen. We had loads of fun and look forward to attending more events this fall!

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