Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fisher Price Stand 'n Play Rampway Review

momstown Winnipeg was lucky to be selected to review the Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand 'n Play Rampway. The day my package arrived I hide it until the evening so I could set it up while the kids where asleep. I've learned the hard way not to assembly big toys with a toddler and a baby around. So night time came and I opened the box I was pretty overwhelmed. Pieces galore! I asked my husband to help me put it together and he looked at me and said "honey, it's your job to review the product, including assembly." Hmmmm. As much as he was taking the easy way out of helping me, he had a point!

So as I reluctantly started to put the pieces together I quickly realized how easy it was. The pieces snapped together and it helped that they had numbers and coloured dots to direct you. I quickly put it together and started playing with it. I instantly knew it would be a hit with both kids.

Morning came and the look on the kids faces was priceless. It was a great day for this mama, as the kids played with it ALL DAY! Even my 11 month old got right into it. It took him a few tries and watching his big sister but he managed to place the car on the top and watch it go down the ramp. I loved that there where two ramps, so neither kid fought over it. They each took a side. My son got a kick out of the car ramp on the side, moving it up and down. And I loved how there was a parking spot for the cars when the kids weren't playing with it so we didn't lose the cars.

The Stand 'n Play Rampway was a big hit in our house. This mama gives it two thumbs up! 

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