Friday, March 25, 2011

A Boring Mama

I'd like to think that I was a pretty fun mom with my daughter. I had her signed up in activities since she was 6 weeks old, and went to lots of playdates and events with my momstown Burlington mamas. But this last stretch of pregnancy has got me tired. We had a big move back home to Winnipeg. So lots of my attention went to packing boxes. Bella enjoyed attempting to tape boxes while I packed but I'm sure a playdate would have been much more fun. And now with this pregnancy, I'm getting more and more tired as the weeks go by. I'm at that heavy whale stage! And I feel like I'm now this boring mom.

Fun me took my daughter to the park! Snow, snow melt away.
One of our many play dates!
Is this the beginning? I know the heavy stage will pass once baby is born. But then will come late night feedings and the exhaustion of running after two kids. Will this 'boring mom' stage continue? I sit and watch her play. I sometimes lay on the couch watching her play. And her new line has now been "mommy tired, mommy sleepy." Walks are non existent right now.... waiting for the snow to melt but am I just making excuses for myself? Playdates have drastically been reduced, as well as visits to drop in centers. I don't even take her to the malls for a walk right now. And I love to shop. This was our thing to do on those rainy days! The thought of carrying her and lugging the stroller all by myself sounds exhausting enough. And grocery shopping! I can't lift her in and out of the carts any more. So now I send my dear husband to the store with a list or wait for him to come with us. My daughter must be going insane! I know I am!

Fun mom took Bella for walks in the park.
Fun mom did crafts with Bella on a daily basis. Between 9 and 10 was craft time. 
I did sign her up for her first gymnastics class next month. But with baby due any day, I know it will be daddy joining her in class for the first while. I'm a little sad that it won't be me sharing that experience with her. I'm nervous that my attention will focus on this new little boy and I'll unintentionally ignore my baby girl. So moms of 2 (or more), what's the secret? How can I make sure she won't get ignored and how can I work on being that fun mom again?

Here's to hoping this boring mom stage will disappear along with the snow. I know that was a great kick in the butt to get out there and socialize when I was feeling down. So I can't wait to start up momstown Winnipeg and get out there and meet other moms. It's the kick in the butt I need!

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  1. We know I'm not a Mom of two (or even one), but I am the older sister who was pretty much Bella's age when Adam was born! To hear my Mom tell the story, she sounds like you do....recalling being so tired and cutting back on our one on one time and feeling really guilty when I said I "wanted to send the baby back".
    The good news is, that is not at all how I remember it! I only remember all the things we DID do together and feel like I had the most attentive parents in the world! I don't think that "boring Mom" phase lasted very long and short lived as it was, I don't remember it anyways.
    You are about to pop with number two any day, have just orchestrated a huge move with little girl and puppy in tow, while managing one business and launching another. Give yourself a break honey!! You are teaching Bella by example how to follow her dreams, take risks and live out the life you have envisioned for yourself and your family....something she won't learn from craft time. xo