Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Trip As Family of Three?

The momstown mama is known to have severe 'Mama Guilt' syndrome.  I feel guilty when I go out at night for a few hours (and my daughter is usually already in bed). I feel guilty if I don't take my daughter outside on a beautiful sunny day. I feel guilty when daddy tries to put her to bed and she's crying for mommy to do it. And I feel guilty that my daughter will no longer be the 'only child', the 'centre of our universe'.

I'm really happy to be expanding our family and can't wait to meet our little guy. I know my Bella will love her little brother and he will love her back. But I'm also pretty certain she'll be a little jealous. She won't even let me hold my nieces without crying to be held too. She's a mama's girl and I secretly love it! Half way through my pregnancy I started feeling guilty and a little sad that my daughter will no longer be the centre of our universe. Is this normal? I fight these feelings all the time. I have days where I think she'll be so excited to have a sibling, and days I think about how we'll never be just the two of us. She is attached to me by the hip. As a stay-at-home / work-at-home mom she is with me 24/7.

So our due date has come and gone. The day after our due date, I thought it would be great to enjoy a family outing, our last outing as a family of three. I wanted to ensure Bella spent some quality time with us before our attention shifted to a newborn baby boy. We had so much fun!

So what better way to spend the day in Winnipeg then go to one of our great city's most popular tourist attractions, The Forks. We started off with breakfast at The Pancake House. Good food as always, and we couldn't resist but get the Giant Apple Pancake to share (on top of our own breakfasts).

Then we walked around the shops, letting her push the stroller and wander around without holding our hands like a 'big girl'. Then we went to the Johnston Terminal to check out the "Explore Manitoba Centre'. This was her favourite part and we spent a good hour there.

Silly Bella Bop loved watching us take turns putting our heads on different bodies.

Singing one of her favourite songs 'row, row, row your boat' while she sat in the canoe.

A true prairie girl, riding the tractor. 

Checking out the big Polar Bear with daddy, growling back without fear!

We had a great time and I feel much better knowing I spent some good quality time with my daughter. I'll always remember this day. What seems to many as a typical Sunday morning meant so much to a little prairie girl and her mom.


  1. This is a honest blog. You are a fantastic mother and no matter what -- Bella will be your first and only Bella Bop ... she knows it and you know it . Thanks for the read, I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and good luck with the labour! hehe ... no drugs ?? I hope you can do it !

  2. I am very familiar with feeling terrible that soon the only child will have a "competitor". Looks like you had a great family of three trip. I promise your daughter and the newbie will become bests of friends... and those moments you catch glimpses of the unconditional love and that special bond they share "having mommy so out numbered" will melt your heart.