Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to Handle the Big Day: Kindergarten!

So it's your child's big day! They are starting kindergarten. And let's face it. You are probably more freaked out then they are. It's a new phase it their life and they may not quite get what kindergarten is all about. 

We are lucky to have a few teachers as momstown members. So I asked them what tips and advice could they pass along to our fellow moms and dads that have a little one starting kindergarten this fall. 

So here it is. Tips from a members who is a local Kindergarten teacher. She has seen it all on the first day.
  • Make it an exciting thing, as hard as it is for parents to let our little ones go it is a fun new thing for them and our worry/stress/sadness can make it a harder transition for them.  
  • There are lots of starting school and starting kindergarten picture books out there to help out with this.  The kissing hand is a favorite from the mommy perspective, but there are fun and silly books too.
  • Visit the classroom.  Most schools had some kind of open house for k back in the spring but you can always phone the school in the last week of august and arrange to have a tour or quick classroom visit to ease uncertainty.
  • On the day of you can send along a family picture, stuffed animal or other special item in case they want something familiar.  
  • Notes and special snacks are nice too.
  • Make the school goodbye happy and don't linger.  Even if there are some tears from kids 99% of the time they stop as soon as they get involved in what the other kids are doing.
  • Have a fun activity or special dinner planned for that day to celebrate their first day of school, yay!
Thanks Jacqueline for your wonderful tips on dealing with the first day of kindergarten.

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  1. Some really great tips here! I've written a few Kindergarten Back to School posts too!