Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Babies In Bloom with Ms. April

Yesterday momstown moms had a chance to check out Babies In Bloom for a special preview of the Play School Program offered by Ms. April. The session was so popular that we quickly filled up 2 sessions, with a wait-list of eager moms wanting to check out this very unique Play School. 

The first thing we all commented on when we entered the facility was the tranquil environment. It was lovely! It felt like a spa for children. 

The Play School program provides families a unique, enriching, indoor play and learning environment.

It is designed for children... allowing them to explore, including climbers and rocking toys all for 0-3 years of age. These materials encourage children to develop their gross motor abilities that include the ability to crawl, sit, stand, and walk in a fun and safe play space.

Total class time is 2.5 hours, which includes Circle Time... singing songs, finger plays, educational games and bubble play. Ms. April explained to us just how important circle time was to children as it assists in them accepting transitions, helps them work as a group as well as builds their confidence and social skills.

Ms. April explained to us the Montessori philosophy, how it benefits the child and showed us examples through hands on interaction with each of our children. It was incredible to see my child sitting and playing (and learning!!) with ONE toy. I'll be the first to admit that my home is filled with way too many toys and my children quickly lose focus, jumping from one toy to the other. 

Babies In Bloom is an amazing and unique concept. It is a perfect place for children who are not in a daycare or preschool setting to attend as it allows them to prepare for kindergarten and the school years. It also allows children to work at their own speed and development. Not to mention providing networking and peer support among parents, which we all know is so necessary! The sessions are also flexible in that parents, grandparents or nannies can attend with the child. 

The next session starts this October. Be sure to visit the open house this Saturday, September 15 from 11 am to 1 pm. momstown members, be sure to show your momstown badge to receive a special discount! Members save on the registration fee for the fall session.

For more details on Babies In Bloom and the different programs offered visit www.babiesinbloom.ca

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  1. Being familiar with the Montessori way of guiding children, I can see why this would be a great place for mom's and children!!!! It does look really great, environment wise and very welcoming.Unfortunately,not all of us (most of us) can pay the fee for this. Makes me wonder,is my child only able to benefit from such great programs and early education etc, if her mommy and daddy have the money? Makes me think of how schools now a days are seeming to be preparing for privatization with fees already. I will say this. If you can afford to go to this particular place and money is not an issue, I strongly suggest and recommend it.I do however, believe that this particular perspective on child development and guidance etc, should be available to all families regardless of socio economic status...