Monday, September 10, 2012

The Biggest Loser Has Been Crowned!

12 weeks, over 20 moms. One common goal. To shed the pounds and be fit and healthy.

momstown Winnipeg started a Biggest Loser Competition during the summer. Moms got together every couple of weeks to go over success stories, challenges, and to weigh-in and measure themselves. To be part of it, members had to pay in $20 (enough to keep you motivated) to have a chance to win it. Two winners split the pot. Winner of the total % of weight lost and winner of the total % of inches lost. The fabulous Baby Boutique, Lux for Sprouts, graciously hosted us. We even got to leave our scale and measuring tape there in case any mom wanted to pop in throughout the summer to weigh-in on her own time.

It was a challenge alright. We all found summer to be a tough time to eat healthy. Something about vacations, hot summer days, drinks on the patio, and BBQ's that make it extra tough. Some of us, myself included, dropped out. Slowly the mom's remaining in the competition went down in number. And leave it to momstown to have a contestant withdraw because she is expecting. Best reason to withdraw from a weight lost competition!  :)

So here were the remaining Biggest Loser Contestants, weighing in for the finale.

Prizes courtesy of Lux for Sprouts and Candies & Dolls!

So who was crowned the Biggest Loser?

Congratulations to Micheline and Carmyn! Micheline won for the greatest % of weight lost and Carmyn won for greatest % of inches lost.

Look at all that money that they won! Well deserved ladies!

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