Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day Present Ideas on a Budget

Father's Day is just around the corner. Time to think of a present from the 'kids'. The days of buying dad a tie are long gone (I hope)! But what to get your husband can be quite challenging. I can think of a lot of things, but my budget is small. Very small. Pretty well, non existent small. I'm just starting up momstown Winnipeg, so this Work at Home Mom isn't exactly bringing in the steady income yet. And I can't exactly ask hubby for some money for his own present.

What I would really like to buy him is a getaway for two (us without the kids). But that is certainly not in my budget. He's been wanting to start working out again, but a gym membership isn't in my budget either. So this Father's Day I am going to teach my daughter that the meaning of giving isn't about fancy, shiny objects, or expensive trips. It's about giving from the heart.

So I went to momstown's arts and crafts blog to get some inspiration. And today we got crafty! My favourite craft also brought tears to me eyes. A beautiful poem that shows the innocence of a child and the importance of teaching your children the right path in life. I choose this because in my eyes my husband is doing a bang up job of this. He couldn't be a better role model.

momstown Oakville made this Father's Day Art: 'Walk a Little Slower' at their Craft Kids Playgroup. It's my favourite. We had a blast making this today. Bella and Benji got their feet all full of paint!

We also printed some alphabet letter templates to spell out DAD, courtesy of Kiboomu! We painted one set, and the other set we took an idea from momstown's D is for Dad post and made it our own. We didn't have photo's so we just took a bunch of coloured paper, had fun ripping it into pieces and pasted the pieces onto the letters. I'm running out tonight to buy some frames and we'll have some beautiful art for daddy's office!

There are lots of different arts and crafts ideas that you and the kids can do this Father's Day. Check out more ideas on the momstown blog.

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