Monday, June 27, 2011

A Messy yet Fun Picasso's in the Park Event

momstown Winnipeg had our first playdate event this past weekend at Kildonan Park. How could our first event not be Picasso's in the Park. After all, it is a momstown standard! It was great to see so many families come on out. And we couldn't have lucked out more with the beautiful weather.

The kids had a blast getting messy. This month's theme is construction, so we had trucks or as my daughter calls them "mighty machines" there too for the kids to use as painting props.

It was great to see dad's come on out too.

I always love to see baby's getting messy too. What a cutie pie she is!

The kid's helped paint murals, and then made their own masterpieces to take home. We had a drying station for their masterpieces to dry off while they ate their picnics or played in the park.

We also made sure we had goodies for the kids, as well as juice and water to help cool off in the heat. And let's not forget the coffee for the parents courtesy of Tim Hortons. After all, momstown isn't just for the kiddies!

A special thanks to Lindsay Wollard from Creative Photojournalism for taking these amazing photos of the event. If you're looking for a photographer to take photos of your kids, check out her website to see her wonderful work.

We had a blast and we hope those of you who made it out did too. We have another Picasso in the Park scheduled in August for momstown members, so if you haven't signed up for your 4 week trial, please do so here and join us this summer at many more events just like this!

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