Monday, September 12, 2011

Brake for Breakfast & Party in Your PJ's!

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day.  Numerous studies outline the myriad benefits of breakfast.  Kids who eat breakfast tend to score higher on tests, and have more energy,  and longer attention spans. Moreover, since four out of five children don't get sufficient vitamins and minerals from lunch and dinner alone, a well balanced breakfast can help fill this nutrition gap.

The benefits of breakfast are clear, but the reality is that mornings can be hard.  From packing lunches, to managing drop off at day care and school, to wrangling toddlers (with or without their toys) out the door and into the car, breakfast sometimes get missed.  I can't count the number of times that my own breakfast has consisted of a cup of coffee, and not realizing I never ate breakfast until 11:30 am (just in time for lunch). Not exactly a balanced meal... Purchasing breakfast en route isn't always a solution either.  The cost adds up quickly, and many fast food options are loaded with sugar, fat, and sodium.

Thank goodness for cereal! At only 50 cents per serving with milk, its inexpensive and simple to prepare, and even preschoolers can help get it ready by bringing bowls to the table, and pouring cereal into them.  As a bonus, being involved in creating the meal fosters self confidence and a sense of self sufficiency, and can reduce picky eating.  Cereal is healthy too.  Paired with milk or yogurt for protein, and either fresh or dried fruit, you have a nutritionally balanced meal that is full of vitamins and minerals.

Cereal doesn't just have to be eaten in a bowl at the breakfast table either.  Here are just a few ideas for when you need to have breakfast on the go:
    •    Create customized trail mix with finger friendly cereals, nuts or seeds, and dried fruits. Divide into bags and keep in the pantry to grab when you need them
    •    Make a batch of cereal, fruit, and nut bars to eat throughout the week
    •    Blend cereal with yogurt, milk, and fruit in a smoothie
    •    Layer yogurt, berries, and cereal in reusable lidded bowls so that kids can enjoy yogurt parfaits in the car
    •    Allow preschool and school aged children to string Fruit Loops or other "O" shaped cereal onto lengths of stretchable string cord to create edible necklaces or bracelets.  Stringing the "o"s onto the string is great fine motor practice, and the "jewelery" can be munched on the go. 

If you and your family are cereal fans too, then you'll definitely want to join us at our Back to School PJ PartyKellogg's is providing us with a variety of yummy cereals, milk, yogurt and fruit to enjoy.  We will also be giving out gift bags packed with Kellogg's coupons and products to each mom in attendance, and one lucky mom will also go home with a special Kellogg's prize pack.  Come out in your pjs, and let Kellogg's and momstown take care of breakfast for once. It will be a great chance to meet and socialize with other momstown Winnipeg members too.  Head over to our main website to RSVP.  We are almost at capacity!

If you aren't a momstown member yet, now is the time to join. We have a free two week trial for moms to check out what momstown is all about.

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