Monday, September 19, 2011

Craft Playdate at Kildonan Place Mall

Last week the kids gathered at Kildonan Place Mall for a craft playdate. Our momstown theme this month is 'Let's Go To The Zoo' so we made lions, panda's and pigs..... oh my!

Our craft event was open for all, not just momstown mamas.
Making piggies!
I was quite proud of my sample piggy. Cheap and easy to do. We used paper plates and cut egg cartons for the snout.

This little guy was making a lion.
This cuttie decided to make her own animal. Very creative!

Hard at work making a panda bear.
The kids were happy that we were stationed right by games and rides. 

Thanks again to Kildonan Place mall for helping us set up this fun day. The moms had a blast and I think enjoyed the crafts more then the kids!

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