Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family Financial Planning

The other day some of us momstown mamas headed over to Investors Group for a session on Family Financial Planning with Dana Wiens Baxter. It was a very important session for myself, as my husband and I are always 'meaning' to start investing but never go further then talking about it.

First off, what was great about this session was that is wasn't a sell from Dana on buying investments through her. She truly cares for our best interest and was there to answer our questions and give us advice that works for young families. As a mom with a young one at home too, she understands what we are all going through and gets that money is tight during these precious years.

We talked about differences between investments such as RRSP's, RESP's, and Tax-Free Savings Accounts.  She even touched on topics, such as the importance of having a will. And we also talked about debt, and whether or not we are best to just focus on paying that down or do a combination of lowering the debt while ensuring we have some savings on the side for those unexpected expenses.

The consultants at Investors Group kept peeking through the window of the board room with great big smiles as we had some special guests join us mamas. Something about babies that brightens up an office!

Stay tuned on the momstown calendar as we'll be adding an evening date of this fabulous Family Financial Panning session.

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