Thursday, September 29, 2011

A messy yet organized office

I was never the type of employee to leave at the end of the day with my desk empty, every file and piece of paper put away.

My desk always had papers on it and sticky notes around my computer screen. I would appear to many to be unorganized. But I never missed deadlines. I had things in a certain order. As messy as my desk (or cube) at work appeared, I knew where things were. I'm the type of person that needs to see things to be reminded to do it. So logically in my mind, if I leave the binder on my desk it will get done. Out of site out of mind.

So have things changed now that I'm an entrepreneur? How is my home office? Working from home is not as glamorous and at times, enjoyable, as it sounds. Throw 2 kids into the equation. My office was in the basement, but it has slowly crept into our dinning room. Let's face it. I need to do work while the kids are home, and I like to be close to them, even when they are napping. Do I know where everything is? No. Am I the most organized person in the world. Absolutely not. But it works for me in the state that my business and life is at the moment.

I started off momstown Winnipeg earlier in the year. I was organized. I started labeling my files, purchasing office products to organize my office products and had containers to keep my arts and crafts in order. My intentions were to be an organized entrepreneur. What I did not plan was this explosion that momstown had over Winnipeg. To say it's been busy is an understatement. Trying to keep my head above water is a challenge on most days. So ask me how my desk looks, well let's just say you won't be seeing a photo of it in its current state. But do I know where things are? Yes. I also have great support from momstown National, always sending me information, spreadsheets and tools to stay organized.

Note: I am not quite this messy! My floor is clean. :)
I'm not sure there is a right way to have an organized office. I won't give you a list of top 10 must haves in the office. Everyone is wired different. Some people strive in empty spaces, while others are working on 10 things at once. Sometimes business is slow and sometimes it is beyond busy. I will give you messy folks one tip, try to clean up your office once a week. Go through the piles on your desk, reorganize if you must. I often come home from an event and my crafts get tossed to the side. I have kids to feed, babies to rock to sleep, diapers to change and supper to make. So once a week I reorganize my crafts and art supplies and get my lesson and event plans ready for the following week.

Will my office get cleaner one day. I hope so. One day it may just slow down. But for now, this mompreneur is riding the wave in my messy yet organized office.

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  1. I won't post a pic of my office either Ester! But everything I need is in here...somewhere! ;)