Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Basics: Fitness & Nutrition

Our last Baby Basics for our Spring / Summer session was on a great topic. We had Lisa Back, RD from Nest Family Centre come speak with our group about pre and postnatal nutrition and fitness. 

We talked about various questions that many new mom's often wonder with regards to fitness before and after baby comes. ‘Should I be exercising? How often? How hard? Until when?’ ‘How soon can I return to exercise after I deliver?’ 

Lisa showed us some great stretches and exercise moves that we can easily do at home. It sure felt great to stretch those tight muscles. 

We also discussed nutrition. Lisa went over the Canada Food Guide for both us moms and the whole family! We also got a brief 101 on introducing solid foods. 

It was a great information session. You can check out more of the great workshops and series that Lisa, Hillary and the whole Nest Family team offers at

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