Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Member Meet & Greet Mom's Night Out

momstown has been around for just over a year now here in Winnipeg. Mom's have a chance to connect online through the message board but also face-to-face at events. But sometimes schedules don't jive, or mom's head back to work and never get a chance to meet all the members, or go months and months before they see one another.

So we switched up our member meet and greet this month. Normally it's geared to the new members and we go over momstown, the website, answer questions and get to know one another. Long time members are welcome to come and join in the fun but for some reason they don't!! Not sure why? But I'm seeing a trend here this year. All mom's love to get out at night without the kids!! We all need a break. So we had our first Member Meet and Greet Mom's Night Out event. And man oh man, was it a fun night!

It was great for mom's to finally connect who may have only met through the message board.

I decided to place them into three groups. To avoid the 'I'll talk to you because I know you' syndrome. I wanted them to mingle with everyone. So I randomly numbered them 1, 2 and 3. Each group gathered in a separate room of the house. I gave them ice breaker questions and they went around and answered questions about themselves. A great way to get to know things about one another that they may not normally share!

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Can you tell which group was the rowdy group? :)

It was so popular that we are planning to do this once a quarter! So stay tuned on the calendar for more fun filled mom's night outs like this!


  1. That was a fun eve!! Can't wait till the next one! =)

  2. Julie, I'm hoping to figure that out soon! I am updating the calendar this week!