Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tales for Tots: Clifford at the Circus

This month’s theme is at the circus so we have had a chance to talk and learn about some of the things that we might see at a circus.  At our tales for tots we read a story from Scholastic Canada that was called  Clifford at the Circus  by Norman Bridwell which was a great story about Clifford and Emily helping out at the circus. 

At first the owner didn’t think they could do much, but Clifford and Emily surprised him by really saving the day.  Check out the rest of the book review here.    

Afterward we talked about going to the circus and some things we might see there.   We also got a chance to sing about going to the circus and we did a rhyme:

Funny Clown Tune
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around
Funny clown, funny clown, spin around
Funny clown, funny clown, jump up and down
Funny clown, funny clown touch your toes.
Funny clown, funny clown, honk your nose.

Then we had a draw for the book that we read and our lucky winner was Jaxson!  Congrats Jaxson!

We also did a craft afterward and it was a clown’s hat.  Click here to find out how to make this craft.

The tots busy crafting.

The end result! Adorable!

Playing with a nice present from the staff at Chapters Polo Festival!

Babies hanging out while the big kids made their craft.

Thank you Chapters Polo Park for having us and providing some snacks and freebies! 

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