Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Fun in Winnipeg

Anyone who has every been to Winnipeg knows how harsh our winters can be. So when it starts to get the slightest bit warm outside, you'll see Winnipeg folks wandering around in shorts and sandles.

We also come out of hibernation and start enjoying the outdoors. I don't know about the rest of you, but I also notice my social calendar starts to get jam packed. I avoid going out in the winter and need a good kick in the butt to change that bad habit! So by the time summer comes I'm just itching to get out of the house. I know that momstown Winnipeg is going to change that for me and lots of Winnipeg moms. We'll have loads of events in the winter that will be too good to pass up!

I've got lots of fun events planned for the summer. One event you'll see happen a few times this summer is the famous Picasso's in the Park event. Picasso's in the Park is a momstown standard! We set up on the long picnic tables and bring out the beautiful coloured tempra (non-toxic paint) and  a million types of brushes, sponges and fun applicators. Kids come dresses in their play clothes 'cause the goal is to let your child go wild!!!

Another great event that I've got planned for momstown Winnipeg is the famous Car Wash Playdates! Kids come with their favourite car (aka: ride on toys) and they wash their cars! Moms enjoy some great conversation while soaking in the sun's rays while the little ones get soaked. Another event where a change of clothes is highly recommended.

I've even got plans for the wee little ones that love to eat everything they can get their hands on. Let's just say it involves pudding!

So stay tuned. We are working hard to get some great events and field trips planned this summer. momstown Winnipeg expects to have the website up and running and open for moms to sign up by June 20, 2011. I promise you'll have a fabulous tan by the time September roles around. Now if we can just find a way to un-invite the mosquitoes!

Some other great events and family spots to be sure to check out this summer right here in Winnipeg:
And last but not least, our Launch Party! We are planning a big party in August to celebrate our grand opening! Details are in the works! So stay tuned!

See you around the neighbourhood!

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