Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't forget the kids this time!

Having a party for your child, or a child in your life?  Don't forget the kids!  Sound like a funny thing to say?

I don't… I read party guides and posts all over the web, and beyond.  People pick a perfect cake (that the kids don't eat), a perfect banquet table (that the kids don't look at). Don't forget the invites… parents send out the perfect invite which the kids don't see on the sending or receiving end.  Don't get me wrong… I love all those aspects of party planning too. However, don't forget about the reason for the party. It's for the child!
When possible, let the children decorate the invites with crayons, stickers or markers.  

Let the child pick out the flavour of the cake, maybe the style, or even put on a few jelly beans. They love the involvement.  
Why not let the kids colour or draw some pictures to put up as decorations too. The other kids that come to the party will notice them when they are posted at a child friendly height. Try it, you'll see.

Finally, don't forget the activities. Plan them first if you can. Have several planned and maybe do a couple. Traditional games like treasure hunts, bean bag tosses, drawing and guessing games take virtually no supplies and children love them. Try it, you'll see. Don't be afraid to participate with them. It's a lot easier than chasing them around and trying to get them to not jump on the beds!
Have fun!
This article was written by Cindy Despins, owner of Dress Up And Play Parties. Visit her site at and check out her imaginative and fun themed costume party packages and make party planning a breeze!


  1. I like the idea of having the kids decorate the invitations. I think I'm going to print them off on plain white card stock and give her some crayons and stickers related to the theme and let her do her thing :)