Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That's Amore!

On the momstown Winnipeg message board, we have a thread called “Finding Time for Your Spouse (significant other/partner).”  After reading the various ideas/tips from fellow moms, it got me thinking about my own marriage and how I can continue with our version of happily ever after.

So often we let our relationships fall to the backburners. Our kids take the #1 spot, our careers take #1, our comfort and happiness take #1.  Reading relationship books was my pastime before parenting books took over my nightstand.  One lesson I remember was:

Discuss Daily

Date Weekly
Depart Quarterly

Discuss daily - have at least 30 minutes face to face time (no television, phone, or computer) discussing more than just schedules and how was your day stuff.  30 minutes of a love/heart check, a how are we doing check.

Date Weekly - If finances don't allow for dinner out or a babysitter, get creative at home. Cook together and eat picnic-style in a random room and enjoy conversation, bake together, give each other a massage or pedicure.  If you can get out, go spend time in a bookstore or coffee shop, walk around the neighbourhood, attend a wine tasting, go tobogganing or ice skating. The point is to do something that reminds you that you just enjoy being with your spouse/significant other/partner.

Tony & Lisa on a date.

Depart Quarterly – Enjoy a trip together, preferably overnight.  Use the time to refocus your goals as a couple and re-prioritize each other as #1.  Take advantage of this time together and have fun!

Our happily ever after is different than yours, and I am not saying ours is a perfect union.  We constantly work at our relationship and work through issues that may arise.  Marriage is two imperfect people coming together, there are going to be hard times.  Be prepared and take even the good times in marriage and work at making it even better.

This article was written by Lisa B, one of our newest blog contributors. When she's not chasing her 2 boys outdoors, she's up to her elbows with glue and glitter! 

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