Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Scientists: Baby Sensory Play

There are many benefits to sensory play. Sensory play is a valuable part of early childhood education and anyone can do this at home. From birth, a baby experiences life through its senses. Touch is one of the first and most important senses to develop. Sensory play allows them to use their senses of touch, sight, taste, smell, and hearing.  It also provides children the opportunity for hands-on play to encourage the development of their fine and gross motor skills.

This month was our fist Baby Sensory Play. Our babies got to be little scientists and explore different textures. Since it was around Valentines we decided to use valentines inspired items for the babies to touch and explore. Some items are not for babies mouths so it is always important to keep a close eye on your baby.

Ready to dig into his bin!

Crinkley paper was a hit with the babies!

After attempting to chew a felt heart he decided to see what else was in the green bin.

Red jello was gooey. This little gal wasn't so sure she liked stepping in it. :)

But this little one loved the jello. As did my son who proceeded to lick his hands after he realized it tasted good too.
We had loads of fun at our first Sensory Play event. Can't wait for next months!

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