Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Make a Valentine Mouse Bookmark

At our Valentine's Party with momstown, we got crafty and made valentine's cards. The kids also got to take home a kit to make a Valentine's Mouse Bookmark. It's adorable and easy to make.

Supplies Needed:
2 hearts cut from red felt – one large, one small. These will be the body and ears
1 strip of yarn.  This will be the tail
1 Wiggly Eye
3 short strips of Fishing Line. This will be the whiskers

1.    Small heart – glue the bottom half together – the heart “bumps” are the ears, so don’t glue them together.
2.    Large heart – put glue on half the heart –placing the EARS and TAIL in before you fold in half.  The tail should go at the pointed end and the ears go on the heart “bump”.
3.    Glue the wiggly eye and whiskers on.
4.    Your mouse is complete.  Usually I place a heavy book on top of the mouse during the drying process.

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