Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mix and Match: We Share Everything!

Our momstown educational topic for the month of February is Mixing and Matching. We had lots of fun with this theme in our Tots Science Lab, Connect the Tots and Tales for Tots events. Mixing and matching everything from colours, mits, and hearts.

We were also lucky to read a "mix and match" themed book at our Scholastic Canada sponsored Tales for Tots book club this month.  "We Share Everything!" by beloved Canadian author Robert Munsch, has recently been released in board book edition.  We Share Everything!" tells the story of two daycare kids who are finding sharing to be a challenge.

For a craft the kids made these adorable heart tree valentine's crafts (our event was around Valentines) and they mixed and matched the hearts.

Next month is all about My Senses. We'll be reading a fabulous book about Dinosaurs so be sure to come out! Check out the calendar for more details.

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